Brad Pitt Wore a Name Tag to an Event, and People Can’t Handle It

There’s a small list of people in this universe who don’t need a name tag for strangers to identify them: Oprah, Santa Claus, Madonna, Left Shark. Also on that list is Brad Pitt—which is why it’s hilarious he wore a literal name tag to the Oscars luncheon in Los Angeles on Monday, January 27.

To be fair, all the Oscar nominees who attend are given name tags, but something about Brad Pitt—Brad! Pitt!—wearing a name tag is too good. He’s not just an actor, but a part of society’s very fabric. He’s as big a cultural institution as McDonald’s and Apple and sneaking alcohol into the movie theater. As one fan accurately put it on Twitter, even squirrels know who Brad Pitt is.

And yet the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor opted to put his on for the luncheon. The photos, naturally, are incredible. “Hi. My name is Brad Pitt,” I picture him saying to luncheon-goers, pointing to his name tag enthusiastically. The whole thing is delightfully earnest. Honestly, give Pitt’s name tag an Academy Award right alongside the best supporting actor trophy he’ll no doubt win come February 9.

Here are just a few photos of actor Cynthia Erivo (who’s also an Oscar nominee this year) chatting with Pitt and his cute name tag:

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