The Best Italian Custard Cake

Discover exactly how to understand the art of making a tasty Italian custard cake. Likewise known as a ‘continental cake’ it is a really conventional cake utilized by lots of Italian families. Not only is it among the most delicious cakes you will certainly ever taste it is so easy, versatile as well as inexpensive to make. Simply comply with the recipe listed below as well as keep in mind that the secret of baking is accuracy and also accuracy. Completion result will certainly be perfection.

1) Cake


5 eggs, room temperature level

250g castor sugar

2 1/2 tsps vanilla sugar

100g cornflour

100g ordinary flour

1 1/4 tsps cooking powder

75mls cold water



1) Grease a 24cm springform tin and also line with grease proof baking paper. Preheat stove to 190 degrees celcius.

2) Separate the eggs into a dish. Beat egg whites up until extremely stiff with 75mls of cold water. Beat in castor sugar and vanilla sugar extremely rapidly- do not over beat. (If you do not have vanilla sugar you can simply change it with castor sugar). Blend in ruined egg yolks and also beat until combination develops a figure “8”.

3) Filter cornflour, plain flour as well as cooking powder 3 times. Delicately fold flour blend into egg blend bewaring not to knock senseless the air.

4) Carefully spread the batter right into prepared baking tin. Bake for 50 mins until gold brownish or a skewer put comes out tidy. End up onto a cake rack to cool.


2) Lemon Custard

Active ingredients

500ml complete lotion milk

75g castor sugar

1 vanilla bean

1/4 mug marsala

3 egg yolks

40g cornflour

strips of peel from 1 lemon (use a potato peeler).


3) Chocolate Custard


500ml complete lotion milk.

75g castor sugar.

1 vanilla bean.

1/4 mug marsala.

3 egg yolks.

40g cornflour.

3-4 tbsp top quality cacao powder.


1) Split vanilla case vertically down the center as well as scrape out seeds. Put milk with half the sugar, vanilla seeds as well as hull, marsala and lemon peel in a big pan and give a boil.

2) On the other hand, blend with each other egg yolks as well as staying sugar. Once included, progressively include the cornflour to create a paste.

3) When milk has actually steamed get rid of from heat and also pour a little of the milk into the yolk paste, whisk to integrate. Including a percentage at the beginning will stop lumps in your custard. Slowly proceed adding until half of the milk is made use of.

4) Bring the remainder of the milk back to the boil and also pour onto the yolk blend, then tip the entire lot back right into the pan.

5) Prepare over a tool warmth stirring constantly with a wood spoon till the custard enlarges. (Initially it might look bumpy however do not panic. Keep stirring over warmth and it will ).

6) Once the custard has actually thickened pour into a heatproof bowl. Rapidly remove the lemon peel and also vanilla pod, cover with cling film to stop it from creating a skin ahead. See to it the cling movie touches custard so it won’t vapor as well as type water beads. Cool up until chilly.

7) Once the custard has cooled it will certainly appear also hard, however start beating it with an electrical mixer and also it will certainly integrate up until smooth as well as silky. The consitency needs to be thick however not hard. If you find the custard is a bit also firm, include regarding 1 tablespoon of extra milk or more if required, until it comes to be thick and also smooth.

To make chocolate custard – Leave out the lemon peel. Include the cacao at the start of step 3 and mix to dissolve. Have a taste and readjust it to how chocolatey you like it. Follow on the remaining steps to making the custard as above.

To set up cake:.

Use concerning 1/3 to 1/2 mug of liquer such as marsala, or sherry for each and every layer. For a non -alcoholic version usage sweetened cooled down coffee as a substitute. See note below.

Once the cake has actually cooled down cut the cake horizontally to make two layers. You need to have 3 discs of sponge. Place one disc of sponge onto a plate as well as moisten the sponge with selected liquer or coffee. Spread the lemon custard over the sponge and also place the 2nd layer on the top. Repeat the procedure with liquer or coffee mixture and also spread over the chocolate custard. Leading with the third disc of sponge as well as cover with stick movie. Refrigerate overnight to set. Cake kept in the refrigerator for 1 or 2 days will certainly permit flavours to enhance.

To enhance:.

300ml enlarged light whipping cream.

2 tsp sugar.

2 tsp vanilla essence.

3/4 mug flaked roasted almonds or cut hazelnuts.

grated delicious chocolate.


1) Combine cream, vanilla as well as sugar into a dish as well as beat to a soft top.

2) Spread cream evenly over the sides and top of cake.

3) Press or toss nuts onto the sides of the cake. Accumulate the fallen nuts and also keep repeating the process eventually you will certainly have a remarkable outcome. Sprinkle top with grated delicious chocolate.

Note- Any type of kind of your favorite liquer such as Tia Maria, Frangelico, Amaretto or Galliano will be a tasty variation to your cake. Also a mix of both liquer as well as coffee is extremely wonderful.

Whether it be a birthday, christening or wedding event, this scrumptious Italian custard cake is terrific used for a celebration. Let your imagination run wild with enhancing creations and also concepts. Trying out liquer flavour combinations as well as custard flavours. One variant is to utilize orange rind instead of lemon peel for the custard with a chocolate liquer, creating a jaffa flavour. The flavour variants as well as combinations are endless.

It is finest offered with a hot cup of espresso coffee, or a wonderful after-dinner drink. Enjoy!


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