Special Things to Do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities, if not the biggest city, on the west coast. Because of its massive size, there are hundreds of fun things to do in L.A. It can get a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry. Listed here are the top eleven things to do on your Los Angeles trip. From tours, to theme parks, to beholding nature, there’s something for everyone to do in this great city. All you need is a little imagination and movie magic.
1. Brunch on the Beach
In Los Angeles’ beaches there are dozens of restaurants that offer brunch on the beach. Enjoy eating brunch classics in an open air patio that faces the ocean. Everything tastes better when it’s eaten in the fresh ocean air.
2. Hollywood Tour
Los Angeles is perhaps best known as the city for celebrities. Because of this there are dozens of tours that visit celebrity houses and places. One of the most prominent tours is the TMZ Tour, which travels to the restaurants, clubs, and other places that celebrities like to hang out. There are a lot of things to do in LA, but this one shouldn’t be missed.
3. Segway on the Beaches
Los Angeles is known for its beaches in Santa Monica, Long Beach, and Venice. Many of these beaches offer Segway rentals that allow you to go see the sights without tiring out your legs. Feel the ocean breeze as you ride along and explore the dozens of shops and restaurants on the boardwalk. Nothing could be better.
4. Horseback Riding Tour
Have you ever wanted to see the Hollywood sign up close? Have you ever wanted to see the Hollywood sign up close while on horseback? Well now you can, with Sunset Ranch’s horseback tour to Mount Hollywood. You’ll not only see the Hollywood sign, but also amazing views of Los Angeles, San Fernando, and the Pacific Ocean. Best of all, the will be catered barbecue waiting for you back at the ranch when you return.
5. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood
Opened on April 7th, 2016, the Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter allows you to experience what it would be like to be a wizard at Hogwarts. Also included are other famous places from the book, like Diagon Alley, and Gringotts bank, where an exhilarating ride awaits.
6. Skyslide
Skyspace is California’s tallest open air observation deck. 1,000 feet above the city in the US Bank Tower, you can see an amazing view of the entirety of Los Angeles. Skyspace also has the world’s first sky slide, a slide that goes from the observation deck, to a lower part of the tower. This slide is made completely out of glass, and takes you over the city.
7. Warner Brothers Studio Tour Hollywood
There are many Los Angeles activities to take part in, but you would be remiss to pass up the chance to tour an actual movie studio. In their deluxe tour, guides will take you through sound stages, TV houses, and lots where some of your favorite movies and TV shows are made. You’ll also visit Stage 48: Script to Screen, where you will see key phases of the production process.
8. Whale Watching
There are dozens of whale watching tours on the shores of Los Angeles. These tours will take you far into the Pacific Ocean, where you will have the pleasure of seeing these elegant creatures so close you could almost touch them. If you love animals and nature, then this is one of the best things to do in LA.
9. Catalina Island
Off the coast of Los Angeles is a small island, a jewel of nature called Catalina Island. If you’re a nature-lover, then this is a must see. With lots of activities like hiking, fishing or surfing this place is a must for the outdoors type.
10. Farmers Market
Just because Los Angeles is a huge city, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have fresh produce. Farmers markets can be found all over the city, but the biggest one takes place in the downtown area every week during the spring and summer. If you’re looking for fresh produce or handcrafted items, then look no further.
11. Dance Cruise
Do you love to dance and explore exotic locations? Then you should try the Aventura Dance Cruise – the world’s largest Latin dance cruise. This cruise leaves Long Beach, California and travels to Ensenada, Mexico. On the way, you’ll be treated to amazing food, dance workshops and classes, and fun beach parties that last well into the night. If you want to have fun, then look no further.

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