Sydney with children

Public transport Children under 4 years old travel for free in Sydney. Sydney has a good public transport network of trains, buses, ferries and light rail. It is largely a cashless public transport system, with all travel being paid for by Opal Card. Opal cards are free, with credit addedContinue Reading

Traveling London with children

London Underground/The Tube: because it is over 100 years old, the Tube is poorly equipped for lifts and most stations only have escalators. If you’re travelling with a stroller you may be in for staircase fun! Don’t be afraid to ask for help lifting your stroller, most people are perfectlyContinue Reading

Visiting Venice with children

Venice may seem like a challenging place to travel with children, but there is plenty for kids to do and enjoy. Understan For kids, walking across the city may be a job that is a bit too hard for them, so always be prepared to take an impromptu water taxi. Also ifContinue Reading

Visiting Giza with Children

Giza is a district in Cairo, capital city of Egypt. Many people have the opinion that Cairo and Egypt as a whole is not for kids because of the hot sun and that many kids don’t like seeing ruins. But, on the contrary that kind of statement is not true at all. ThereContinue Reading