New Zealand study finds correlation between church attendance and adolescent obesity

A study published this month in Journal of Primary Health Care by researchers at the School of Population Health, University of Auckland found a correlation between adolescent obesity amongst Pacific Islanders (PI) living in New Zealand and church attendance. The results were based on interviews with 2,495 Auckland teenagers attending six different secondary schools, questionnaires given to students, and anthropometricContinue Reading

German authorities confirm first case of novel coronavirus in Germany

Yesterday evening, the Bavarian State Ministry of Public Health and Health Care in Munich, Germany confirmed a case of coronavirus infection in a man from Starnberg district. The man has been isolated and is in good condition, the report said.   Yesterday, the World Health Organization (WHO) raised the 2019-nCoV coronavirus global risk assessment from “moderate” to “high”. The regional riskContinue Reading

First foreigners die from coronavirus in Wuhan, China

According to officials on Saturday, the coronavirus 2019-nCoV may have killed two male foreign visitors in Wuhan, China — a man from the United States who tested positive for the virus, and another man from Japan who was suspected of dying from the virus — reportedly the first foreign deaths from the virus within the borders of China. As ofContinue Reading

Study: people infected by new coronavirus 'likely' hundreds more than confirmed

On Friday, researchers at Imperial College London posted findings estimating the number of people infected with a new coronavirus may considerably exceed 1000. The SARS-like virus first appeared in December in Wuhan, China. As of today, Chinese officials confirmed it has infected over 200 people mostly in Wuhan and killed three people. Reported cases also appeared in Thailand, SouthContinue Reading