Samoan government temporarily shuts down for nationwide measles vaccination drive

On Thursday local time, the government of Samoa began a planned two-day shutdown to make way for a nationwide vaccination campaign to combat the measles outbreak that had, by reports, infected over 4,200 of the island nation’s roughly 200,0000 residents since October and killed at least 62, including, according to government reports, 54 small children. ResidentsContinue Reading

Radio host Don Imus dies aged 79

United States radio personality, television host, and philanthropist Don Imus, known to fans as the I-Man, died on Friday at the Baylor Scott and White Medical Center in College Station, Texas after being hospitalized since Christmas Eve, his family reported. Associated Press reported his cause of death as complications from lung disease. He was 79. Imus’ syndicated radio show ImusContinue Reading

New Zealand study finds correlation between church attendance and adolescent obesity

A study published this month in Journal of Primary Health Care by researchers at the School of Population Health, University of Auckland found a correlation between adolescent obesity amongst Pacific Islanders (PI) living in New Zealand and church attendance. The results were based on interviews with 2,495 Auckland teenagers attending six different secondary schools, questionnaires given to students, and anthropometricContinue Reading